Vision and values

Working Together

The firm’s organisation means we can rapidly assemble all energies and expert knowledge.

Firm lawyers’ full agreement with this value creates a way of being and doing which is our common bedrock.

Accordingly we suggest that our clients consider the firm and its team as their Partner, which helps them to control and take action, establishing a trusting relationship.

Being available at all times

We know how to group our forces by being available to advise and assist our clients in their daily management, exceptional operations or during challenging periods.

This availability implies real team work between us and our clients.

International by vocation

The firm has had an international vocation since it was founded, supported by a fully bilingual and experienced team.

Our assignment is to reply to our clients’ challenges regarding investments and international developments.

At the moment we have “best friend” partners in a large number of countries; this means that our clients have access to the best adapted services.

Human aspect

The human aspect of our profession is essential. We owe our clients availability and technical excellence, but also a search for and the creation of positive and constructive effects in the short, medium and long-term at all levels of procedures or operations.