News et references


  • Séminaire/summer camp 2014
  • Comme tous les ans, le Cabinet organise son « Séminaire/summer camp ». Cette année nous respirons depuis le sommet du Mont Ventoux en ascension à pied !

  • June 11 and 12, 2014
  • Faithful to this annual and key meeting of the International Forum, Prieur & Stuckey is present and active in the Financing Space dedicated to companies that are developing on international markets and looking for financing.
  • June 4 and 5, 2014
  • With the Lysias Partner Firm and Prides Finances Conseil Méditerranée, Danièle Prieur takes part in opening the French-Algerian School of Mediation and Arbitration in Algiers.
  • February 11, 2014
  • With Mr. Maximin Salles from the GERMAIN & MAUREAU firm (intellectual property consulting services), in the context of an INPI/OPTITEC day, Robin Stuckey jointly leads an intervention at the OPTITEC pole on the theme “PATENT or SECRET”.
  • December 17, 2013
  • To celebrate culture at the end of 2013 in Marseille, on Tuesday, December 17, 2013 the firm is organising a “LAST OPENING DAY MP 2013” preview, presenting new works by the painter “SKUNKDOG” from 6 pm, in partnership with the Massalia Gallery.
  • December 5, 2013
  • Robin Stuckey takes part in the 3rd VAR Ecobiz Forum organised by the VAR CCI / Stand International (to participate, contact
  • April 26 to 30, 2013
  • Robin Stuckey is part of the Marseille Bar team which is confronting the Paris Bar team on the mythic PGA CATALUNYA golf course / Spain April 26 to 30, 2013
  • March 13, 2013
  • On March 13, 2013 at 8:30 am, Prieur & Stuckey is organising a new Breakfast Encounter, attended by Squadron Leader Xavier Leonetti, on the theme: The stakes of protecting business secrecy and discovery of the draft Bill on this subject.


  • Agreements – International agreements
    Litigation – Arbitration
  • Prieur & Stuckey advised the company OTT for its commercial relationship with the company AES - SONEL Fuel Contracts Division, in Cameroon.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advised the company Gautier Semences for its commercial relationships with its partners in Turkey, in particular for litigation proceedings instigated in France and Turkey. Gautier Semences’ agreements and commercial processes are prepared and set up with the firm’s advice and assistance.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advised the company Aqualog which installed a coral propagation farm in Abu Dhabi.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advised the Aramine Group (Melkonian family) on certain aspects of agreements with AREVA for the exploitation programme of the Imouraren mine in Niger.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advised the company Olives Arnaud for its commercial relationships with a Danish Cooperative.  

    The company Delbon, specialist in liquid fertilizers for managed and organic agriculture, referred to Prieur & Stuckey for its contractual connection (global licensing agreement) with Arysta Life Science.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advises the company BLI DBP (Jean François Rey) for its international commercial relationships, with Italy in particular.  

    Prieur & Stuckey assisted and advised the company Novembal (Tetrapak subsidiary) to settle its conflictual contractual relationships with an Australian company via arbitration.  

    Prieur & Stuckey advises and assists the company Polygonal Design, specialised in designing IT programmes, in its negotiation with the American company Autodesk. An exploitation licensing agreement for the programme developed by Polygonal Design, Unfolf 3D, UV mapping software used by 3D users, was signed.
  • Merger & acquisition operations – Restructurings

    Acquisition of the company Soluscope by the Laboratoires Anios with the support from Ardian
  • Founded in 1994 by Frédéric Dray and Bernard Mariotti, Soluscope designs and manufactures washer-disinfectors. The Group sold all of its assets to Laboratoires Anios with support from Ardian, a top independent investment company.  

      Prieur & Stuckey advised the Soluscope Group for this operation. Prieur & Stuckey continues to be Soluscope’s advisor for all its operations and strategic developments.
  • MBO at Vegase Contrôle
  • Vegase Contrôle, a company which was initially part of the Virelec Group, specialised in protecting major hazard sites for chemical, petro-chemical and oil refinery industries, was purchased in two stages by 2 employees. The company is continuing its expansion. Prieur & Stuckey advised the 2 employees. Today it is Vegase Contrôle’s advisor.
  • Merger acquisition of several airlines by BeachSide Capital
  • Prieur & Stuckey conducted all of the acquisition audits for BeachSide Capital regarding its acquisition project of the airlines XLF, XL Airways which own the company Vacances Héliades.
  • Transfer of a subsidiary at DGF, French and international distributor
  • Prieur & Stuckey advised an employee for the acquisition operation of a DGF subsidiary in La Ciotat. The firm has become the advisor for this DGF Méditerranée subsidiary.
  • Merger acquisition at BG Ingénieurs Conseils
  • The French engineering office, ENR Concept, joined the Swiss Group BG Ingénieurs Conseils, which led to its extending its business to the field of thermal fluids and controlling renewable energies.
    The Marseille agency profited from this merger. The Group is now installed in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier and Aix les Bains.
    Prieur & Stuckey advises the Group BG Ingénieurs Conseils for all of its operations.
  • Creation of a French- Luxemburg partnership
  • Prieur & Stuckey advises the French/Danish group PAM Kosan Crisplant, specialised in designing and manufacturing filling and repair centres for the LPG liquefied gas industry, on setting up an industrial joint venture with a Luxemburg company.
  • Aqualux group transfer of a subsidiary to the Balitrand group
  • The Aqualux group transferred a subsidiary to the Balitrand group. Prieur & Stuckey advised Aqualux for this operation.
  • Acquisition of a construction group by a director
  • Prieur & Stuckey assisted and advised an experienced director in the acquisition of 100% of the shares of a company specialised in construction.
    This acquisition included the company’s restructuring as a Group with a holding company and four subsidiaries. The group profitably continued external growth operations, consistently diversifying its business.
  • Restructuring operation with a LBO and shareholder’s exit
  • Prieur & Stuckey advised the company Azur Evasion by assisting it in the exit of a shareholder that owned half of its capital. The operation took place via a LBO, with the intervention of LCL in the capacity of partner.
    The director, who is now the majority shareholder, is developing the company in compliance with his vision.
  • Restructuring operation with an OBO
  • Prieur & Stuckey advised the company Mobilis and its director François Juniet in the Owner Buying Out operation. This operation led to Mobilis setting up in South West France by installing and mastering a new industrial tool in new premises.
  • Restructuring as a Group of companies with the creation of a family holding company
  • Prieur & Stuckey became advisor to the company Encore Nous, a communication agency, for the purpose of implementing the restructuring of the SARL Encore Nous as the “Encore Nous Group” with a family holding company and subsidiaries which each operate a business branch, consistent with the diversification of the group's business. Prieur & Stuckey advises the company Isotec, located in Tarascon and specialised in niche activities connected to building, on implementing a major restructuring operation in order to set up the “Isotec Group”. Each subsidiary operates in consistence with its exploitation and expertise. In 2013, the firm advised the director in restructuring the family shareholding.